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Cathy Nanowski wanted a new house before her second baby was born. She made it just in time.

When Nanowski learned she was pregnant with her second child, she and her husband Martin knew it was time to say goodbye to their condo of 12 years.

The couple wanted their seven-year old daughter to remain in the Cromwell school system, so they searched locally at first.

When they couldn't find any homes with their criteria — a big yard and a quiet neighborhood — they started canvassing Southington, Newington, Berlin and Farmington. And still nothing.

"It seemed like every time we found a house we liked, it had no yard and the homes were on top of each other," Nanowski said. "And when we found a great yard, or a great area, we didn't like the house."

Months of searching and a growing belly left the couple feeling anxious, but then a moment of realty magic happened in November. Just down the street from their condo, Nanowski spotted a for-sale sign in front of a house she'd admired for years.

"I couldn't believe it," Nanowski said. "I remember taking walks, pushing the stroller past that house for years, saying to myself if I ever bought a house I would want one just like this one."

The split-level contemporary was being sold through a short-sale, however, which deterred the couple from pursuing the house in fear of complications. Because Nanowski wouldn't qualify for financing once on maternity leave, she thought she'd never be able to make the deal in time.

But Dana Flanagan, Nanowski's Prudential Connecticut Realty listing agent, heard the house was approved for closing within a few weeks, and she acted fast.

"I called the agent working with the house and I explained our unique situation, and she said we could make it happen if we worked quickly," Flanagan said. "It was a challenging, exciting deal, but we were so glad it worked."

One month later, the Nanowskis were in their dream home — not two days too soon.

"We closed and moved on Tuesday and I had the baby on Thursday," Nanowski said. "We actually managed to move all the furniture and even paint the rooms before I came home, so it worked out great."

The Nanowskis decided to rent their condo after no offers were made within their $130,000 asking-price range. Now happily adjusted to their "new" neighborhood about a mile from their former home, they have only one complaint.

"I thought maybe the movers would give us a discount for driving so close down the road, but apparently that's not the way it works," said Nanowksi. "But it was worth it, we love it here."

Home Details:

83 Willowbrook Road


BATHS: 2.5


LOT SIZE: .57 acre


LIST PRICE: $275,000

PRICE PAID: $275,000


TAXES: $5238


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